Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Tryouts

Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Tryouts

Please read through completely on the Tryout process.

All players interested in trying out for a MonU team must send an email to:


Please include your name, date of birth, and the last team you played on (if applicable).

Once your email has been received, you will be assigned a 30 minute time slot for your tryout.

During this time, a MonU coach will run you through a variety of drills to test your trapping, passing, ball striking, quickness, agility, and any other aspect of the game that he/she deems helpful in determining if MonU has a team that would be a good fit for your current and projected level of play.

The coach may or may not invite you back for a second tryout.

The format will include two grids for each age group time slot. This will allow for two players to tryout at the same time. The grids will be at least 10 yards apart to follow social distancing guidelines. The evaluating coach or coaches will also maintain a minimum of a 10 yard separation from players.

Please see the time slot chart below for Travel and Academy (U9/U10) tryout dates and times.

*Please note: U9/U10 is not Travel Soccer. It is an in-house program that may have 1 or 2 special events/festivals, within a 90 minutes or less drive time.


Age Group/Birth year Date Time Slots
U9,U10 2012/2011 Pending Pending
U11/2010 Pending Pending
U12/2009 Pending Pending
U13/2008 June 6, 13 6:00,6:30,7:00,7:30
U14/2007 June 6, 13 4:00,4:30,5:00,5:30
U15/2006 June 6, 13 6:00,6:30,7:00,7:30
U16/2005 June 6, 13 4:00,4:30,5:00,5:30
U17/2004 June 20 11:00,11:30,12:00,12;30
U18/19 N/A N/A


Age Group/Birth year Date Time Slots
U9,U10/2012,2011 Pending Pending
U11/2010 Pending Pending
U12/2009 Pending Pending
U13/2008 June 7, 14 4:00,4:30,5:00,5:30
U14/2007 June 7, 14 4:00,4:30,5:00,5:30
U15/2006 June 7, 14 6:00,6:30,7:00,7:30
U16/2005 June 7, 14 4:00,4:30,5:00,5:30
U17/2004 June 7, 14 6:00,6:30,7:00,7:30
U18/2003 June 7, 14 6:00,6:30,7:00,7:30
U19/2002 June 7, 14 6:00,6:30,7:00,7:30